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The purpose of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation is both archaeological as well as educational.

In ancient times, the Egyptian blue water lily (nymphae caerulea), or blue lotus as it was called, grew abundantly in the Nile Valley. It was the sacred flower of the gods as depicted in temples, tombs and religious art throughout dynastic Egypt. During the Roman times, the lotus ceased to flourish in the Nile waters for a variety of reasons.
Today, the main purpose of The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation as a 501 3C Non-Profit is the cultivation and preservation of the indigenous blue lotus (nymphae caerulae) in Luxor, Egypt. Our aim is the maintenance of the current blue lotus farm with the construction of additional ponds so that the blue lotus may once again flourish in its indigenous habitat. Ultimately, the Foundation’s vision is to return the blue lotus to the sacred lakes in the temples of Egypt as an on-going archaeological project. The Foundation is also committed to the refurbishment and maintenance of the Blue Lotus House Guest for members, patrons and students of the Egyptian blue lotus. Both the Blue Lotus Guest House and the lotus farm are situated on land that was once part of the 18th dynasty temple complexes. It is also our goal to educate the public to both the historical importance and the therapeutic / healing properties of the Egyptian blue lotus as taught in ancient times.

To assist the Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation in achieving its goals, you can become a member of the Foundation or donate directly


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